One of my main goals this year is to write more.

Of all the creative things that I missed doing while I was ill through December, it was writing that really called out as something i needed to devote more time to.

And so, this is the first post in a new chapter of blogging.

It’s January (just!) so I thought I’d write a little about where I’m planning to direct my time and energy this year.

For the first time EVER, this year I actually thought about the question “So, where do you want to be in five years’ time?”


I’ve always struggled with this. My life has changed so much, and so quickly, and so often, that being able to look more than a couple of months ahead has always felt very, very hard. A close family member - my beloved aunty Sylvia - was killed in a dreadful road accident a few months after my 17th birthday at the age of 39, and I think a big part of my resistance to gazing into the future is related to the shock of her death.

But. In September last year, I signed up to an online workshop to tackle how to pack all the creative stuff I want to achieve into the number of hours I actually have available. (It’s a great course, I’d really recommend it). I adore the course leader Jessica Abel’s work, I admire her methods and find them extremely useful and so I committed to doing all the exercises and activities no matter how horrible and uncomfortable they felt.

January also brought a workshop by the wonderful harpist DHC in which she invited us to write down some goals for the year, during the workshop, within a group. I couldn’t see any of these people, but there was something about the community and combined energy of selected strangers off the internet, and so I dived right in.

There I was. Me, never looking more than a couple of months ahead, with a list of one year goals and a five year vision.

I’m not sure how much, or when, or how, to share all these. I’m not sure how much, or when, or how, or what to share about all the other stuff.

But these last couple of years have been pretty transformational, and there’s lots to tell you. The main focuses this year:

Money - the debt demolition rumbles on, but this is a long term journey and there are some other objectives, mainly to have an emergency fund. I’d like to save £1000 and tuck it away. My friend and former colleague Angela used to refer to being a dragon guarding her treasure (not in an obsessive way, just being choosy what she spent her cash on) and I like this image.

Body image - some very personal things to work on here

Running - I want to complete the Eiger Ultra Trail E101 race this year. I can’t believe I got an entry in the 45-odd seconds before the race sold out, and I am willing to work really hard towards this. I really want to get a picture with this gorgeous bear (who lives in Grindelwald, across the road from the race finish) again, but wearing my finisher’s medal this time!


The Book - in the midst of the mentor ship/coaching programme I did with DHC a couple of years ago, I wrote a manuscript for a book about my creative journey and my struggles to find my way in the musical world. It has been simmering away for a while, I have a gorgeous cover ready to go, and I think I’d like to self-publish it to find out more about how that all works. But I’m scared of putting it out into the world, despite having received some wonderful initial feedback when I shared bits of it. I definitely need to work my way through this as I am fed up of it taking up brain space with no outcome! The simmering is reaching boiling point!

Home life - this went through a monumental change last year when I experienced epic levels of grief following the loss of my beautiful greyhounds, and then I somewhat unexpectedly fell deeply in love. I’ve moved house, I’ve had a complete change of lifestyle and though it’s still in transition, I want to feel comfortable and settled in my new environment.

Harp - last year was a huge year and I am still Processing it - emotionally due to a huge vulnerability hangover from my last gig, physically due to illness over the winter in the aftermath of the gig and moving house, and digitally due to a big stack of video footage of said gig. I want to get back into regular practice to keep my stamina and technique going strong, and I want to continue on the journey of Finding My Own Way. I’m in a good place with Harp stuff at the moment and I want to keep it that way, while continuing to push myself creatively.


I think that’s enough to be going on with!

I’ve committed to sharing my thoughts in at least one post a week, inspired by one of my creative heroes Brendan Leonard who posts regularly on a Thursday and Friday. I’m not sure how this will come about, but I’d like 50 posts on my blog by the end of the year and I’m willing to work hard to make this happen.

Love, Katherine x