After working with Frankie on our set for the Fringe (which ended up not happening due to various cancellation/time changes in true Fringe style), I decided I wanted to use my lever harp some more, and to get back into doing open mic sessions.

This time I wanted to try doing an open mic on my own (rather than with Frankie and John), and to try singing with the harp.

So. Three big new things. Solo open mic, electric harp, singing. Nothing like jumping in feet first, is there!

My mentor Deborah was keen for me to use video more as a way of sharing my projects. She set me a challenge to create a video about my work but I kept dodging it because I was too scared to do it.

Thanks to some disastrous choices of glasses and being quite overweight as a child, I was terrified of being on video.

And, when I get nervous, I talk too much.

When I talk about things I love, I can talk too much for too long.

Deborah tried desperately to instill in me the need to keep things short, brief, engaging, but in my desire/need to not be misunderstood, I always felt like I had to tell the whole story about everything.

And then we remembered how much I like Instagram, and how comfortable I felt there thanks to the little community of followers I have there.

I realised Instagram had started allowing users to upload short videos, just a minute long.

And this project was born...

A daily video, for the month leading up to the open mic night.

The videos are shown below in reverse order (most recent first) and I can only show 20 of the 30-odd here. You can check out the rest at