You might have found me via my blog, via my harp or via some other means.

You might know of me as a regularly last-placed runner, a harpist, a serial Instagram poster or a rescue greyhound mama.

You might even have met me in real life, in which case you will know the number one truth about me, which is that I am very small.

Here are some other things that are true about me...


Katherine Harrison


Harrie (shortened to H by people from London or Essex for some reason)

Flower/Charliepiece/Love/Chuck/Duck if you’re my gran. She also occasionally calls me Laura (my aunt), Sylvia (my other aunt) or Lynda (my mum) too but she’s in her eighties so nobody minds.

Superhero alias:

Little Miss Daredevil (one of the later Little Misses and Mr Men)


older than I look – I’m almost 39 but I still regularly get asked for ID in the supermarket


5 foot nothing

Hair colour:        

Dark brown with just a few wisps of grey, thank you Grandad Horgan for the fabulous hair genes.

Eye colour:         

greeny brown

Theme song:     

Where Love Lives by Alison Limerick

or You Got The Love by Candi Staton

or Don’t Stop Movin by S Club 7

or Jump by Madonna

Style icon:        

Imelda May, or my dear friend Donna who is the coolest person I know

Ultimate joy:     

Running in the mountains especially leaping over bogs and sometimes falling in.

Proudest moment:

Passing my motorbike test first time aged 17

Lowest slump:  

Summer 2010 - the wedding that wasn’t. Buy me a couple of GnTs or a large Corryvreckan and I will tell you the whole sorry tale.

Brag-worthy accolade:

I am the only harpist on the planet to have raced a motorbike competitively


I could tell you but I’d have to kill you


my uncle David and my friend Laurie

Ultimate quote:

Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out and meet the f**ker! (Barry Sheene)

Signature catchphrase:

I’m so excited I might actually go pop!


Umm I had to look this up - I’m a Virgo which apparently suggests my power chakra is my throat chakra.

I’m very into facts and clear communication so that seems about right.

Totem animal:


Nondenominational prayer for the world:

Just be kind!